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  • QDRO Pros, Inc. prepares domestic relations orders and consults on QDRO issues for all types of retirement plans - public, private and military.
  • All Orders are prepared and reviewed by attorneys. QDRO Pros, Inc. works with individuals, family law attorneys and Plan Administrators. QDRO Pros, Inc. has prepared countless QDROs and other domestic relations orders.
  • QDRO Pros, Inc.'s innovative approach to QDRO preparation was established to provide an efficient and cost effective method for divorcing couples to divide retirement assets pursuant to dissolution. QDRO Pros is the company of choice for many family law attorneys and judges as well.
  • QDRO Pros was established in 1996 by Amy Rypins as a simple way to divide retirement benefits at an affordable price. Amy Rypins, an attorney and a certified public accountant began her career with the international accounting firm of Deloitte and Touche before starting her own firm in 1983 Ms. Rypins has extensive experience advising businesses and individuals on all aspects of retirement planning and pension related issues. Throughout her career, other legal and financial professionals have turned to Ms. Rypins for her expertise and guidance in this complicated field.