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By Mail or Fax:

Review the fee schedule.

Read the Terms of Engagement.

If you agree with the Terms of Engagement, please proceed to the QDRO Pros forms (Printable Form)

Print out the Parties Information Form

Print out the Retirement Plan Information Form applicable to your plan
(See help function to determine the appropriate form)

Complete the forms

Mail the forms along with (1) the first page of your Judgment of Dissolution or Marital Settlement Agreement that states the name of the court and case number, and (2) the pages of the Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement detailing the ordered division of the plan to:

QDRO Pros, Inc.
169 Saxony Road, Suite 102
Encinitas, CA 92024

You may also fax the information to QDRO Pros, Inc. at (760) 334-8565. However, no work will begin on your QDRO until we receive payment, either by mail or on-line.

  • It is important to give us complete and accurate information.

To complete the forms Off-Line, click here