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Should my Family Law Attorney review the QDRO prepared by QDRO Pros

Submitted by on Thursday, 01 December 2016 17:12
As reflected in our Engagement Agreement, QDRO Pros normally does not represent either party. We are neutral and are hired as QDRO experts to raise all issues related to the division of retirement plans pursuant to divorce so that the parties may address these previously unanswered questions and to prepare the QDRO. We act in a similar capacity to a Mediator. Therefore, we highly recommend that each party have their respective Family Law Attorney review the drafted QDRO. The other reason this is helpful, is that sometimes there was an understanding between the parties that may be difficult to ascertain from the Marital Settlement Agreement. By allowing both Family Law Attorneys to review the QDRO, you can be assured that the QDRO reflects the true agreement between the parties. Please be aware, that if you choose to have your Family Law Attorney review the QDRO, there will most likely be additional fees generated by your Family Law Attorney, but there will be no additional fees from QDRO Pros

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