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How long will the process take to complete the QDRO?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 27 December 2016 10:56

 Once QDRO Pros receives complete information from the parties, a draft QDRO will be prepared within 3 weeks.  However, the draft is also sent to the Plan for pre-approval.  Some plans can take many months prior to providing feedback and although QDRO Pros follows up regularly, this out of our control.  Once the QDRO is approved by the Plan it must be signed by both parties and filed with the court for signature by the judge.  Many courts are very backed up and obtaining a signed QDRO can be delayed.  After you receive the signed QDRO from the court, it must then be filed upon the Plan.  Realistically, you must consider that the process will take from 1-6 months.

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