QDRO Pros iQ is the faster, easier & more accurate way to have a QDRO prepared *** We’re QDRO Experts, so you don’t have to be *** Our Expertise and QDRO Pros iQ saves you time, money & hassle


A Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or QDRO, is a court order that legally allows a retirement plan to distribute money to someone OTHER than the plan participant; for example to a former spouse.

QDRO Pros, Inc. prepares QDROs based upon the information provided by you, your advisors, prior court order (MSA, stipulation, judgment, if complete), the retirement plan, and the governing law.  

QDRO Pros normally acts as a neutral party in a joint engagement by the parties, thus allowing us to keep the fees affordable and predictable with one low flat fee. However, we will represent you individually for additional fees.

Our simple QDRO Pros iQ system walks you through the process so you can address all of the issues that must be considered for a specific retirement plan.

QDRO Pros iQ allows you to explore multiple scenarios for the party’s retirement plans with a predictable outcome.

QDRO Pros avoids duplicate work. Once you have selected the agreed upon scenario, simply submit the scenario and the general parties’ information and we will do the rest.

 QDRO Pros allows you to upload any additional documents requested by QDRO Pros iQ, or forward emails directly through our website.


Provides access to information contained in our real-time internal database.
Walks you through, step-by-step, all of the relevant issues that MUST be addressed for you or your former spouse’s specific type of retirement plan.
Assists you in deciding upon an appropriate course of action, and helpful hints with the extensive “Tool Tips” provided along the way.
Assists you in protecting your rights throughout the painful process of divorce.


Individual Registration:

  • Initiate Registration through Individual Registration
  • Log In and begin work
  • Pay our QDRO Pros fee for preparation of a QDRO


What information do you need to get started:

  • Employer and/or retirement plan name
  • Date of marriage
  • Date of separation
  • Date of dissolution (if already divorced)
  • Personal information
    • Contact information
    • Date of Birth (can be provided under separate cover)
    • Social Security numbers (can be provided under separate cover)


How does QDRO Pros iQ work:

  • Enter basic information for you and your spouse.
  • Elect a retirement plan from our extensive database, or enter a new one if it is not available.
  • Explore various retirement division scenarios by answering step by step questions dependent upon your previous answer and save for comparison. You may save various scenarios along the way and run a new one to compare.
  • Once you elect a scenario that is appropriate for your situation, press one button to send QDRO Pros your information.
  • Make Payment.
  • Upload, e-mail, fax or mail additional documents requested (i.e. caption page of Petition for Dissolution)
  • QDRO Pros will then begin preparation of your QDRO.
  • QDRO Pros iQ does not formulate the QDRO using a software system.  All QDROs are prepared by our legal team.


By E-mail, mail or fax
Alternatively, you may download our fillable PDF forms or request our PDF forms and e-mail, mail or fax us your information.  However, if you choose this method you will not have access to our easy to use QDRO Pros iQ system that allows you to walk through your retirement plan options to make the best informed decisions.